The Coop


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Now we’re out of lockdown, we’ve re-opened The Coop! 
(and got away from the temptations of the pantry cupboard…) 

Hanging out with the family was cool, but to be honest, we’re loving being back to full productivity and full focus on our business.

We’ve made a few changes so we can share our space in a way that’s safe for everyone:

  • There’s a hand sanitising station at the door for everyone entering or exiting The Coop.
  • Contact tracing has been set up on where all Coop users and visitors are to register each day.
  • Communal areas have been removed and we’ve separated the desks into ‘bubbles’ at least 2 metres apart.
  • Disinfectant and paper towels are available and all surfaces are more regularly cleaned.
  • We ask people to stay away if they’re experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms – like a cough, a temperature, loss of smell or taste, etc.
  • We’re open to sharing ideas and adopting new advice on how to stay safe.
  • We encourage everyone to use common sense and show respect for each other – we’re in this together after all.

If you want to escape your bubble and come join us in The Coop, get in touch with Vaughn about availability. 

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