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Utility — Our Ethos


In 2017 we decided to solve our most pressing problem yet. We broke away from our past and formed a new company, with a new vision for our industry and an improved way of assisting our communities.

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We are now Utility – agile, collaborative and innovative solution hunters with fresh eyes and fresher perspectives. Our story stands as the perfect example of how we can work with you to identify your challenges, assess your solutions and look to the future.

Talk to us, work with us, get to know us and find out what makes us truly unique.

Utility player

Independent, innovative and agile minds, we work across a range of projects. This means we have a unique perspective and are ever-expanding our frame of reference, allowing us to solve problems in unexpected ways.


Armed with tried and tested tools, years of experience and ever-evolving knowledge of the industry and community, we offer useful, realistic and efficient strategies.

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Because some projects are complex in nature, we always try to keep things as simple as humanly possible. Whether we’re cutting through the clutter or communicating your project to a range of ears, we always stick to the ‘keep it simple, sweetheart’ method.

And when we say we’re going to do something, we do it. Funnily enough.


When you employ the Solution Hunters Collective, you become a solution hunter too. We work side-by-side with our clients, collaborating, educating and supporting one another throughout the entire process. In fact, we don’t even call you clients. We call you partners. Isn’t that nice.


We want to help you make a positive impact on your community, and to do that we need to understand your project, your motivations, your business, your industry, your sector and all the people it affects. Through research and plain old human interaction, we thoroughly investigate every project from every perspective.


‘Community first’ is not just a slogan. It’s an unambiguous ethic that instructs the way we walk, the way we talk and the projects we choose to work on. We understand the impact that infrastructure has on the prosperity of communities, and our solutions aim to make a real difference to those around us.


When we formed Utility, we vowed to do things differently. A big part of this was having work-life balance. Not just for our wives, but for the benefit of the project. Now we work a forty-hour week – no, really. This means we can spend time with our families, be part of the community we are so keen to assist and come to work well-rounded, energetic and inspired.

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We also only take on projects when we have the capacity, which means every partner is given our quality, undivided attention. Now our vision is to inspire and support others to do the same.
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