The Collective

The Collective

Utility – Great Minds To Good Use

We are a team of passionate experts that have come together for one common purpose — to find solutions that make more than just our community a better place for all. We work better side-by-side, so there’s no hierarchies or delegating around here.

Our founders come armed with over fifteen-years-experience in infrastructure and finance management, but if they’re not the right expert for the job they’ll tap into the collective to find someone who is. No matter who they’re working with or what they’re working on, their ethos, passion and professionalism will oversee the entire process from start to glorious finish.



Vaughn is our blue-sky thinker, who utilises his unique skill set to create positive impact through new ideas, strategic thinking and inspiring the troops. More than just a talker, he’s a walker, testing and implementing solutions with his own bare hands. How valiant.

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Vaughn is highly-regarded throughout the sector as a thought-leader, with his passion to make a real difference noted by all he encounters. He has a bold vision for our community and is dedicated to making it a reality.

Vaughn offers expertise in infrastructure asset management and impact investing. His predominant focus is on building capability, creating future leaders and identifying sustainable solutions. He actively volunteers in his community, proactively implementing a real and positive change.



Walter is our details man who conquers complexity with logic and positivity. The perfect balance of fresh perspective and industry insight, Walter will thoroughly investigate the project, clear the clutter, then work with you to identify your challenges and potential solutions – step-by-simple-step.

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What our clients like the most about Walter, is he brings common sense to a problem – which is surprisingly uncommon, funnily enough.

When you’re in a fog of numbers, details and directions, Walter will guide you to a solution with smart, savvy advice. With a clear style and great people-skills, he will then help you communicate your project to everyone from industry experts to his own wee children. Not to say they won’t be industry experts someday too.

Once a keen sportsman, Walter now spends his spare time coaching the youth of Arrowtown and the leaders of tomorrow.

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