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Strategic Planning

The ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

I.AMs are small packages (micro-credentials) of learning hosted on a digital platform, designed by employers, and delivered by educators with the career path of learners at the centre.

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Developing a business case to help find a meeting space solution for a school fast running out of room.

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Scenario Modelling

We’ll guide you on a journey of examining and evaluating possible future events by considering various feasible results or outcomes.

To plan for the future, you must have an idea of what the future holds…

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Financial Analysis

We closely analyse financial data to assess performance and make recommendations for improvements.

Helping the Central Lakes Trust tell the story of the link between its investment value/revenue and its ability to allocate grants to the community.

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Infrastructure Advice

We offer authoritative and independent advice from someone you can trust.

Translating high level strategy into validated, user-appropriate procedures for Clutha District Council.

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Business Cases

We’re qualified in using the Better Business Cases process. Perhaps more importantly, we understand when not to use it too.

1 in 3 public works professionals are due to retire within the next 15 years.
So, how do we replace them?

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Voluntary Work

We believe for our society to be truly prosperous, we need to invest more than money. Want to know how we get our hands dirty?

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